Our Fleet Program

Our Fleet Program (for both public and private sector fleets) Our fleet card program has proven to be very flexible in meeting individual business and governmental needs. Customized ‘Fleet’ cards for your company can be grouped or assigned to individual operators. Detailed billing of each transaction is available so you can track usage and control…

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What Happens at Genesis?

Genesis Behind the scenes… First, your car is placed on the conveyor track . As you approach the entrance to the wash ‘Tunnel’ you will be directed to align your front wheels with the beginning of the conveyor. To help make that alignment perfect is a device called a ‘correlator’. This is  a series of…

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Welcome to Genesis Auto Wash!

Family owned and operated, Genesis Auto Wash, enthusiastically embraces the latest and most innovative technologies in order to provide our customers with select wash options. Each year, we professionally wash tens of thousands of cars; and whatever option you chose, you will be sure to get a clean and spotless car when we are done!…

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