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We always get the Gold Wash, and it's really good (for an automated carwash). They "pre-wash" the front grill/hood area and windshield, and the rear glass, bumper, and license plate (basically some of the more commonly missed or heavily soiled spots). The free vacuums are also nice. Not terribly expensive, but if you get your car washed often, definitely go for the monthly plans. You'll save a lot!
Jeff Pierce (Google)
Always love going here. The machines do a good job and it's convenient to my house. I can go to the grocery store then run over and to my Starbucks while I'm waiting on my car to wash. I don't know what it is about my windshield but the thing just gets dirty. I live in the country but we don't have bugs. It's just road grime. I'd rather pay to use this car wash than wash my windshield by hand. It does a better job than I do and it's inexpensive. The folks are nice as well.
Lori H. (Yelp)
One of the better car washes in the city! Equipment is always functioning well and the cost is just right! Our preferred location.
Darneshia Bell (Facebook)
Best car wash in Little Rock-and the only one I’ve found that mops your windows, bumpers, etc. like car washes USED to do!
Marla McClendon Popa (Facebook)
Best car wash in Little Rock! One of the workers even volunteered to hand wash the bugs from the front of my car without me even mentioning it. Must go! My car stays clean for days!
Angel Snodgrass (Facebook)
am really satisfied with my visit today at Genesis Auto Wash. Not only was the wash one of the best auto washes my vehicle has had, the service was also prompted and professional. I will definitely be a returning customer. Thanks, Genesis!
Marcia Thompson (Facebook)
I got the middle grade wash and was very please by it.The genesis car was super clean and cleaned my car great. I especially like how good the wash made my tires shine. The vacuums are also great to get all the dirt out of my fooor boards.
Logan J. (Yelp)
I love it! I do the monthly plan. $45 a month and can wash my car as much as I want to. They have plans starting from $25 a month to $45 of course you can also do pay as you go. It's a great carwash and it actually cleaned my car.
Michael Robinson (Google)
You guys rock! When my car is clean I feel happier inside! Exemplary service!
Joe Maldonado (Facebook)
Great car wash, good service and cleanliness. Staff is nice and has a good cleaning station. Come here every time. 10/10 would come again!
Cole G. (Yelp)
First class service for your car with free mat cleaning, vacuuming, and compressed air to blow the dust out of the crevices. It's my "Go To" place for a good cleaning.
John Cooper (Google)
My car is new car clean! I love that they have rotating cloth dryers instead of just air blowers! Only car wash I use!
Kati Lyn (Facebook)
I bought the Silver wash and I am tremendously pleased with it. The staff was friendly, patient and very helpful. I convinced my wife to try it today and she loved it. I travel a lot by car out of state and it is nice to be able to have my car washed before and after my trips. They have vacuums that you can use for free. I highly recommend it.
Dale C. (Yelp)
The best car wash!
Ahmad Tarawneh (Google)
Fast clean with great vacuum's with good suction!
Andrea Callahan (Facebook)
Great job. Great service. Great price. I live in Stuttgart and the front of my car was covered in mosquitoes Not after Genesis!
Julie Poe Amstutz (Facebook)
This is the best auto carwash!! Ever!! .... I had so much pollen on my car and with all the rotating wipers they have car came out looking brand new...
Judy Whitlock (Facebook)
It's perfect because Tropical Smoothie, so every time I get a smoothie I can't also have a nice shiny car without even having to get out and wash it!!
Marley S. (Yelp)
Great staff, quality wash for your money membership is a awesome deal!!!!
Wayne Trout (Google)
Love the monthly subscription. Does a great job cleaning my truck.
Justin Alley (Facebook)