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Great car wash and super close to home. So nice to have in west Little Rock! I am loving the affordable monthly membership!
Ola Greer (Facebook)
I had a very professional experience at this car wash today.  After going through the wash I noticed there was mud still caked in one of my front rims (I paid for the tire wash).  I pointed it out to one of the employees, Mike Tillman, and he was more than willing to run my car through again.  He and his fellow employee also hosed down all four of my tires and rewashed my whole car.  Not only that, but he was incredibly cordial and seemed to really enjoy his job, even in this heat!  This place is great - And for those of you who say your car was still dirty, IT'S AN AUTOMATED CAR WASH.  IT'S A MACHINE designed to wash all sizes and types of cars.  Go home and wash your own car if you want perfection.
Lindsay H. (Yelp)
Love the easy in & out and free vacuums available.  They always have a fun and courteous staff.  Today I actually locked myself out of my vehicle and the staff was helpful and concerned.  Highly recommend!
Susan C. (Yelp)
I loved the fact that there was three guys scrubbing bugs off the windshield, hood, and front bumper of my car prior to going through the wash. So far I have used the service twice but I have not used the vacuums yet but will certainly do so next time. There were a lot of cars there this time at the vacuums but I guess that's good business! Thanks so much for a wonderful experience and clean car!!!
L. S. (Yelp)
I only come here to get my truck washed and detailed. The guys are friendly, and do an awesome job detailing. My truck looks like it is off the showroom floor every time. If you don't want to pay for detailing they have vaccumming for free. These vaccums are the best I've ever used.
Stacey E. (Yelp)
I have been going here each week, multiple times, and sometimes back to back days! I have a monthly pass for two of our cars.  The employees are great and my car is always clean.  I am extremely picky about how my car looks and have gotten the wax etc there.  They are hands down the best in town!
Tanya S. (Yelp)
I hate to say it but I question the validity of some of the terrible reviews :-/  I've been there just about every day for the 3 weeks and had nothing but great experiences!  $25 you can get unlimited car washes for a month (thank you pollen season).  You CAN find cheaper unlimited places but this is in a nicer part of town, always has friendly staff available to help and has great, strong vacuums and air brushes at each station.   The first time I came through after buying my subscription, I had issues getting in and before I could get out to ask for help, an attendant gladly solved the problem.  They guide you onto the tracks, wash your front and back ends before you go through the wash.  Best drive through wash I've been to! It should say a lot when you look through the reviews and see the owner is responding to customer feedback.  If someone cares that much about their business, I'm sure they would address any legitimate issues.  Glad to support people who are listening to their customers! 🙂
Falon V. (Yelp)
The monthly packages are a great deal. When my truck is extremely dirty it still comes out clean. One time I had a lot of bugs along the front that didn't come off with the wash so the attendant came over without me asking and personally used a rag to get the remaining bugs off when I was vacuuming.
Skiler H. (Yelp)
Awesome Carwash! I have even been known to drive across town for it! It's quick, easy and always clean at the end of the wash! I also like that the vacuums are always working and available!
Angie J. (Yelp)
Just went through for the first time.  My truck is clean.  Awesome vacuums.  Prices are reasonable and definitely cleans better than Boomerang.  I like the fact they have multiple options.  Hours of operation are really convenient too.
Mike W. (Yelp)
I was very happy with my Genesis carwash experience. The touch screen monitors were very self explanatory and easy to use. The service team payed close attention to detail and made sure there wasn't a dirt spot left on my car. After the wash I pulled around to their sweet vacuum cleaners, and the service guys came out and wiped down my bike rack and the places behind my bike rack that the brushes could not reach.  I didn't even have to ask them for this extra service. Very satisfied and I highly recommend.
Weston D. (Yelp)
One of the best auto wash facilities I have ever used. I have one of their unlimited monthly packages so I go through often. Here are the things I like about Genesis: - The washing machine works real well - always drive out clean - Great staff - always friendly and efficient - they give your car a quick scrub down to remove bugs & road debris before you even enter the wash - Great vacuum system that is included with the wash - the hoses are on both sides of the car for convenience and really work well - that keeps from having to drag a hose through one door of the car through to all areas to clean - Fair price - I have to keep my car clean for my profession so the monthly unlimited packages have been a read savings for me - I get to sit inside - since I do not have to vacuum every day I can just sit comfortably inside my car and let the auto-wash do all of the work - I have even been known to take a short nap on the ride through! I have and continue to recommend Genesis Auto Wash to my family & friends!!
Joe J. (Yelp)
Absolutely LOVE this car wash!! It never leaves those random dirty spots on my car like most places do. The employees are also very helpful and kind. 🙂 Will for sure be using them again.
Jackie W. (Yelp)
Great car wash easy in and out with free vacuum's!
Chancey Strickland (Facebook)
My first time there and will definitely be back! Great wash, and great wax job. Very nice and polite workers.
Sherry Cumberland (Facebook)
Been using this car wash for a few months now and love it. Purchased the unlimited service and it does a great job keeping the car super clean.
Gyongyi Marton (Facebook)
I really appreciate the monthly all you want sales deal. I can wash as much as I want and keep the car spotless all of the time.
Richard Goff (Facebook)
It's a great place and great car wash! I recommend this place to everyone!
Carolyn Justice (Facebook)
The car wash was good but the customer service was superb! Two gentlemen spent about 30 minutes helping me find my ring that accidentally got suctioned up. The gentlemen went above and beyond!!
Desirae Holmes (Facebook)
Great car wash.  Thorough cleaning, very efficient.  Best car wash in Central Arkansas IMO.  Has a free mat cleaner and monthly package options which are a great deal.
Roger S. (Yelp)