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Decided to try out this wash in town and there is no comparison between this wash the other washes out there. My car was perfectly clean! Found my new car wash!
Zac W. (Yelp)
Looks great on the outside. Made my truck look great on the outside as well. Will definitely go back!
Jason T. (Yelp)
Wonderful car wash and the vacuums work great!!!!  The employee was so friendly and helpful!! I have found my new car wash place!!!
Jamie K. (Yelp)
Got in and out quickly! My car looks great and I loved all of those free vacuums! I will definitely be back to get that monthly unlimited wash plan they offer! Thanks!
Debbie R. (Yelp)
Just had my first Genesis  car wash it was so easy and my car looks amazing!! Definitely going back!!
Betsy M. (Yelp)
Best car was in town! Well really, best car wash anywhere! I won't go anywhere else! Great customer service and my car always gets taken care of and looks brand new!
Heather O. (Yelp)
I am so impressed with the customer service at Genesis Car Wash! Not only do they offer features I have never seen at other car washes, but they genuinely want you to leave happy! I gave my feedback and although it was positive, the owner still asked if their was any way they could improve my experience, as they had just opened...How awesome is that? I really think in this Arkansas weather that the option to have an unlimited membership is such a smart idea, and it's a great way to reward loyal customers because it gives you such a price break. Before Genesis I can't tell you how many times I went through a car wash only to be upset because our unpredictable weather had dirtied up my car once again and I had wasted my money....at Genesis you don't have to worry about that and can be confident you will always have a sparkly clean car!!!!
Lauryn R. (Yelp)
Hands down the best carwash in LR!!! My family uses Genesis every week and never had a problem. Great location and takes no time at all! Service is second to none and the facility is immaculate! 10/10
Kris A. (Yelp)
They are super nice and friendly!! My car looks great. No scratches on my nice paint. I would definitely recommend getting you car washes done here!
Claire S. (Yelp)
Love the membership concept and the quality of service and cleaning is excellent! I have been thru numerous times at different times during the week and weekend ... Consistent quality and service.
Sarah M. (Yelp)
After all of this bad weather I was looking for a good car wash. I could not be more impressed with Genesis Auto wash. I came out of that car wash with a car that looked like it had been "detailed" thoroughly and was impeccably clean. It was fast but thorough and the customer service was helpful. The vacuums were also detailed and super easy to use. I could not recommend this car wash more. Go try it out!! I'll be buying the monthly unlimited membership next time for sure!
Katherine G. (Yelp)
I LOVE THIS CAR WASH!!! The general manager has amazing customer service skills. This is the best car wash around!
LaPria H. (Yelp)
This is a new car wash I found on Chenal in Little Rock. I don't normally write reviews but it did an incredible job on my truck. I have had trouble with other car washes in the past because they never seem to do a good job on the tailgate. I got out to look after driving through and was surprised at how good my truck looked. An employee approached me when he saw me inspecting my truck to make sure I was happy and when I explained why I was inspecting he said that their car wash had more equipment than any other in Little Rock and that was how I they were able to do such a thorough job. I'll sum this thing up by saying friendly employees, great wash job, happy I found them.
Brian H. (Yelp)
Best car wash I've been to hands down. You get an efficient wash for the best price.
Madison O’Brien (Facebook)
Great car wash for the price. Just went there for the first time and will definitely use the service again.
Christina Lamm (Facebook)
Great Car wash and very friendly staff and great location!!!!!!
Kadarius Butler (Facebook)
Great facility and great customer service! Professional, friendly, and always so helpful. Everyone goes out of their way to assist customers.
Cathy B. (Yellow Pages)
I’ve been here many times, they do a really good job making your truck look great. They also care about your car and great staff.
Alex H. (Yellow Pages)
Loved the car wash! They take excellent care of my car, and they are by far the only car wash that I trust to wash my car, and do it correctly. The rug cleaner is fantastic, along with free vacuums.
Chris S. (Yellow Pages)
I had a coupon for the silver car level car wash given to me by Chick Fil A and was impressed with the wash. Quick convenient and thorough. It even made my wheel rims shine. Staff were very friendly and helpful.
Kenneth A. (Yellow Pages)