What Happens at Genesis?

    Genesis Behind the scenes…

    First, your car is placed on the conveyor track . As you approach the entrance to the wash ‘Tunnel’ you will be directed to align your front wheels with the beginning of the conveyor. To help make that alignment perfect is a device called a ‘correlator’. This is  a series of heavy duty steel rollers that allow your front, driver-side tire to slide sideways until it is perfectly aligned with the conveyor.

    At this point, “Please put your car in Neutral ‘N’, feet off the brake, and hands off the wheel.  Small rollers then pop up behind your back driver side tire once it is on the conveyor. The roller pushes the wheel forward, causing the car to roll along through the Wash Tunnel.

    Once the car enters the tunnel, it passes through many infrared beams and sensors that scan the curvature, height, and length of your vehicle so that each vehicle is cleaned perfectly. As soon as the beam is interrupted, the eyes send a signal to the ‘Digital Control System’ (DCS), the computer that runs the automated portion of the car wash. By measuring the amount of time that the signal is interrupted, the DCS determines the length of your vehicle and adjusts the entire system accordingly.

    Immediately after the sensor ‘eyes’, your car will receive bath of a special pre-soak and Triple Foam Conditioner solutions. This is an arch that contains several small nozzles that spray a specially formulated, eco-friendly solution all over your car.

    A set of high intensity nozzles arranged near the floor that are called tire applicators  spray the tires and wheels with a solution designed specifically for removing brake dust and brightening the black rubber of the tire.

    Your car then passes through two top brushes and the underbody wash. The two top brushes are crucial to the cleanliness of your vehicle. These brushes really loosen up any dirt the chemicals couldn’t get to and help remove any bugs from your vehicle. Some car washes have miter curtains which are long pieces of microfiber cloth that hang down like noodles in the middle of the wash. You want to stay away from washes that have these! They do not clean very well and they will scratch your vehicle because the cloth will hold silt, dirt, and sand. The underbody wash will clean any dirty or salt/sand you get under your vehicle and keeps your important parts of the car you normally can’t reach, clean!

    After the top brushes you will receive a high pressure rinse to remove a lot of the dirt and grime from your vehicle.

    The next item in our car wash is the foam applicator. The foam applicator applies a detergent to the car that becomes a deep-cleaning foam on contact. The nozzles on the foam applicator are adjusted to change the angle of the spray and the size of the opening. The foam is created by mixing a detergent cleaner with water and air. There are separate adjustment controls for determining the exact mix of the three components. The solution contains some coloring agent to make the foam more obvious and fun of course!

    Then you will go through the wheel and tire scrubber which knocks off any break dust and grime your wheels and tires have picked up since the last time you were in. It is very important to have both chemicals application and friction in order to clean a car. If you don’t have one or the other it’s very hard fully clean anything.

    Next, you will pass through a series of 6 envirosoft self cleaning brushes that will help clean the rest of your car up as your heading to the next stage.

    This is where you receive a water rinse, your clear coat, your rain shield, and your wax! These are the final touches of the car after it has been thoroughly cleaned!

    Then we enter the drying phase, this is where the eight 15 Horse Power motors blowing at over 200 mph will act like a blade of air and clean most of the water off your vehicle. After that is finished we have our Dry N Shine piece of equipment that cleans the majority of water that is leftover from the Power Dry and even polishes the vehicle as well! All of our customers love this!

    Last but not least you will receive the tire shine to make your wheels shine like brand new! Then you will pull out of the tunnel when the green light turns on and use any of our 26 free vacuums, our free mat cleaner, or use our fragrance and shampoo machine!

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