Our Fleet Program

Our Fleet Program (for both public and private sector fleets)

Our fleet card program has proven to be very flexible in meeting individual business and governmental needs. Customized ‘Fleet’ cards for your company can be grouped or assigned to individual operators. Detailed billing of each transaction is available so you can track usage and control costs. The fleet card is swiped right at our Pay Station so that your operators can easily and quickly access whatever combination of services you have authorized thus protecting your fleet investment from environmental damage, as well as presenting a positive image seen by BOTH the general public AND by your employees.

Not only are our washes the best car washes in the business, but they’re affordable too, because we’re committed to giving you what you need to make your car look spotless and special. We only use envirosoft foam equipped car washing equipment specially designed to give your car’s surface a thorough cleaning without ever streaking or scratching it. Next, we’ll dry your car thoroughly with air dryers and soft chamois cloth and in minutes, you’re on your way in a shiny clean car! You get to stay in your vehicle as it goes through the tunnel, so come experience the best maintained and upgraded car wash tunnel in Arkansas! (HINT: Mom’s need a 10 minute break? Kids love riding through! Give them and your car a treat!)

We’re different than other car washes. And that’s because we’re committed to providing you with the cleanest, shiniest car we can. Stop on by today, and we’ll give you the highest quality wash around. When your car is the envy of all your friends, we’re betting you’ll see the difference! Message us today to get further information or visit our Fleet Discount Page! Thank you for stopping by!

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