Genesis Auto Wash is redefining the car wash experience with world-class technology and equipment. Every inch of our facility was designed to make your vehicle look like it is fresh off the showroom floor. With a sharp focus on environmental standards, we are proud to uphold a strong commitment to eco-friendly practices that preserve the community of Central Arkansas. We believe when you try our Auto Wash you will appreciate our detail-oriented, state of the art amenities and equipment. There is no other facility more dedicated to ensuring your vehicle achieves that resilient shine! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • Express Interior Service Offered
  • Express Exterior Service Offered
  • FAST! Get Clean in 3 Minutes
  • We Prep Vehicles
  • Best Equipment & Eco-Friendly Detergents
  • Compressed Air at Every Vacuum Station
    (For Every Nook & Cranny)
  • Mat Cleaner – Free!
  • Dry ‘N Shine Polisher
  • 26 Vacuums – Free!
  • Shampoo Carpet Cleaner Machine
  • Fragrance Machine
  • Self-Cleaning Foam Brushes (Will not scratch)
  • 6-Stage Water Filtration Recycling Technology
  • Unlimited Monthly Wash Club
  • Fleet Discount Programs
  • Gift Cards
  • Fundraising Opportunities





This is the greatest car wash in central Arkansas, which is what compelled me to write this review. I've noticed some negative reviews, however I believe the majority of those are likely misguided. It would behoove an individual to take…...+

Creation started in Genesis and on the 8th day God created this Revelation. My truck has been baptized by holy water! Seriously, I have been to many drive through washes and most are ok for the money. However this wash…...+

Great car wash in West LR! The auto wash does an excellent job in cleaning my truck. Definitely like having someone go over the front and back with a hand brush before I enter the wash as sometimes the automated…...+

I take my Nissan Rogue here often. Nearly 2-3 times a week because I use it for business. I have yet to be disappointed. You can't beat free vacuum, air freshener machine and car mat cleaner. The machine always does…...+

This is the best car wash in LR! It’s the only place I’ve been that has an attendant wash the back and front of your car before in order to ensure those hard to reach spots get clean. Will definitely…...+

Went through Genesis tonight with my wife's 4Runner. As anyone who has a 4Runner knows there are some crevises that most drive thru car washes don't get. Genesis did the best I've seen yet for a drive-thru - not perfect…...+

I’ve used this car wash a few different occasions, and I can honestly say it’s the best drive through service in town. Every time I’ve gone, the attendants have been professional and worked hard to correct any complaint I’ve ever…...+

Easiest car wash and best car wash in Little Rock! Love them and am so happy they are close to my house. I'm all about convenience and a business who strive to make each customer happy. Thank y'all!...+

The system is super easy to use. The wash and vacuums are the best in town and I've used them all. I have a membership and I wouldn't take my cars anyplace else....+

Attendant on hand did a pre-wash on the grill and lights to remove bugs, which was a pleasant surprise. The vacuums had strong suction and the concentrated air hose did a good job blowing debris out of the hard to…...+

The wash does a good job and they have 3 options for monthly car wash packages. The vaccums have good suction and they have a floor mat cleaner (have to be carpet mats). They even have compressed air for the…...+

First time there. Did a fantastic job! We have 3 cars, we will be back. The car wash is a sudsy light show too!...+

Very efficient, conveniently located, and well-maintained. Just got a Silver service wash before turning my car in (end of lease) for something new. I will be back soon....+

I’m usually skeptical of car washes, but Genesis did a great job. My car was filthy and came out sparkling after the gold wash. I’ll definitely be giving them another shot....+

Love the extra features such as the mat cleaner and the compressed air for the nooks and crannies! Of course my little's love the colors in the middle of the wash, but what's not to love about a clean car!...+

We had an awesome experience at this car wash! It did a great job cleaning the car and as an added bonus, the kids loved the suckers! Thank you!!!...+

I use this car wash all the time, and I am very satisfied. I have tried different washes around town, but this car wash is where I chose to purchase a membership. That says it all....+

I've used this place a couple times and I have had great experiences. The employees are respectful. On my last visit one employee was so kind to show myself and another lady how to properly use the mat vac. And…...+

Took my new Crosstreck through another WLR car wash by my office after last week's snow/sand/salt and was not satisfied. Took my Crosstrek through Genesis today and they did a GREAT job. My SUV is shining!...+

Really loved the gold wash. I can't usually tell the difference between the washes, but here the hold wash DEFINITELY made a difference. My car hasn't looked this clean and shiny in... let's just say a while. The unlimited vacuums…...+

We always get the Gold Wash, and it's really good (for an automated carwash). They "pre-wash" the front grill/hood area and windshield, and the rear glass, bumper, and license plate (basically some of the more commonly missed or heavily soiled…...+

Always love going here. The machines do a good job and it's convenient to my house. I can go to the grocery store then run over and to my Starbucks while I'm waiting on my car to wash. I don't…...+

One of the better car washes in the city! Equipment is always functioning well and the cost is just right! Our preferred location....+

Best car wash in Little Rock-and the only one I’ve found that mops your windows, bumpers, etc. like car washes USED to do!...+

Best car wash in Little Rock! One of the workers even volunteered to hand wash the bugs from the front of my car without me even mentioning it. Must go! My car stays clean for days!...+

am really satisfied with my visit today at Genesis Auto Wash. Not only was the wash one of the best auto washes my vehicle has had, the service was also prompted and professional. I will definitely be a returning customer.…...+

I got the middle grade wash and was very please by it.The genesis car was super clean and cleaned my car great. I especially like how good the wash made my tires shine. The vacuums are also great to get…...+

I love it! I do the monthly plan. $45 a month and can wash my car as much as I want to. They have plans starting from $25 a month to $45 of course you can also do pay as…...+

You guys rock! When my car is clean I feel happier inside! Exemplary service!...+

Great car wash, good service and cleanliness. Staff is nice and has a good cleaning station. Come here every time. 10/10 would come again!...+

First class service for your car with free mat cleaning, vacuuming, and compressed air to blow the dust out of the crevices. It's my "Go To" place for a good cleaning....+

My car is new car clean! I love that they have rotating cloth dryers instead of just air blowers! Only car wash I use!...+

I bought the Silver wash and I am tremendously pleased with it. The staff was friendly, patient and very helpful. I convinced my wife to try it today and she loved it. I travel a lot by car out of…...+

The best car wash!...+

Fast clean with great vacuum's with good suction!...+

Great job. Great service. Great price. I live in Stuttgart and the front of my car was covered in mosquitoes Not after Genesis!...+

This is the best auto carwash!! Ever!! .... I had so much pollen on my car and with all the rotating wipers they have car came out looking brand new......+

It's perfect because Tropical Smoothie, so every time I get a smoothie I can't also have a nice shiny car without even having to get out and wash it!!...+

Great staff, quality wash for your money membership is a awesome deal!!!!...+

Love the monthly subscription. Does a great job cleaning my truck....+

Great car wash and super close to home. So nice to have in west Little Rock! I am loving the affordable monthly membership!...+

I had a very professional experience at this car wash today.  After going through the wash I noticed there was mud still caked in one of my front rims (I paid for the tire wash).  I pointed it out to…...+

Love the easy in & out and free vacuums available.  They always have a fun and courteous staff.  Today I actually locked myself out of my vehicle and the staff was helpful and concerned.  Highly recommend!...+


I loved the fact that there was three guys scrubbing bugs off the windshield, hood, and front bumper of my car prior to going through the wash. So far I have used the service twice but I have not used…...+

I only come here to get my truck washed and detailed. The guys are friendly, and do an awesome job detailing. My truck looks like it is off the showroom floor every time. If you don't want to pay for…...+

I have been going here each week, multiple times, and sometimes back to back days! I have a monthly pass for two of our cars.  The employees are great and my car is always clean.  I am extremely picky about…...+

I hate to say it but I question the validity of some of the terrible reviews :-/  I've been there just about every day for the 3 weeks and had nothing but great experiences!  $25 you can get unlimited car…...+

The monthly packages are a great deal. When my truck is extremely dirty it still comes out clean. One time I had a lot of bugs along the front that didn't come off with the wash so the attendant came…...+

Awesome Carwash! I have even been known to drive across town for it! It's quick, easy and always clean at the end of the wash! I also like that the vacuums are always working and available!...+

Just went through for the first time.  My truck is clean.  Awesome vacuums.  Prices are reasonable and definitely cleans better than Boomerang.  I like the fact they have multiple options.  Hours of operation are really convenient too....+

I was very happy with my Genesis carwash experience. The touch screen monitors were very self explanatory and easy to use. The service team payed close attention to detail and made sure there wasn't a dirt spot left on my…...+

One of the best auto wash facilities I have ever used. I have one of their unlimited monthly packages so I go through often. Here are the things I like about Genesis: - The washing machine works real well -…...+

Absolutely LOVE this car wash!! It never leaves those random dirty spots on my car like most places do. The employees are also very helpful and kind. 🙂 Will for sure be using them again....+

Great car wash easy in and out with free vacuum's!...+

My first time there and will definitely be back! Great wash, and great wax job. Very nice and polite workers....+

Been using this car wash for a few months now and love it. Purchased the unlimited service and it does a great job keeping the car super clean....+

I really appreciate the monthly all you want sales deal. I can wash as much as I want and keep the car spotless all of the time....+

It's a great place and great car wash! I recommend this place to everyone!...+

The car wash was good but the customer service was superb! Two gentlemen spent about 30 minutes helping me find my ring that accidentally got suctioned up. The gentlemen went above and beyond!!...+

Great car wash.  Thorough cleaning, very efficient.  Best car wash in Central Arkansas IMO.  Has a free mat cleaner and monthly package options which are a great deal....+

Decided to try out this wash in town and there is no comparison between this wash the other washes out there. My car was perfectly clean! Found my new car wash!...+

Looks great on the outside. Made my truck look great on the outside as well. Will definitely go back!...+

Wonderful car wash and the vacuums work great!!!!  The employee was so friendly and helpful!! I have found my new car wash place!!!...+

Got in and out quickly! My car looks great and I loved all of those free vacuums! I will definitely be back to get that monthly unlimited wash plan they offer! Thanks!...+

Just had my first Genesis  car wash it was so easy and my car looks amazing!! Definitely going back!!...+

Best car was in town! Well really, best car wash anywhere! I won't go anywhere else! Great customer service and my car always gets taken care of and looks brand new!...+

I am so impressed with the customer service at Genesis Car Wash! Not only do they offer features I have never seen at other car washes, but they genuinely want you to leave happy! I gave my feedback and although…...+

Hands down the best carwash in LR!!! My family uses Genesis every week and never had a problem. Great location and takes no time at all! Service is second to none and the facility is immaculate! 10/10...+

They are super nice and friendly!! My car looks great. No scratches on my nice paint. I would definitely recommend getting you car washes done here!...+

Love the membership concept and the quality of service and cleaning is excellent! I have been thru numerous times at different times during the week and weekend ... Consistent quality and service....+

After all of this bad weather I was looking for a good car wash. I could not be more impressed with Genesis Auto wash. I came out of that car wash with a car that looked like it had been…...+

I LOVE THIS CAR WASH!!! The general manager has amazing customer service skills. This is the best car wash around!...+

This is a new car wash I found on Chenal in Little Rock. I don't normally write reviews but it did an incredible job on my truck. I have had trouble with other car washes in the past because they…...+

Best car wash I've been to hands down. You get an efficient wash for the best price....+

Great car wash for the price. Just went there for the first time and will definitely use the service again....+

Great Car wash and very friendly staff and great location!!!!!!...+

Great facility and great customer service! Professional, friendly, and always so helpful. Everyone goes out of their way to assist customers....+

I’ve been here many times, they do a really good job making your truck look great. They also care about your car and great staff....+

Loved the car wash! They take excellent care of my car, and they are by far the only car wash that I trust to wash my car, and do it correctly. The rug cleaner is fantastic, along with free vacuums....+

I had a coupon for the silver car level car wash given to me by Chick Fil A and was impressed with the wash. Quick convenient and thorough. It even made my wheel rims shine. Staff were very friendly and…...+

Best auto wash in town and for the price you can't beat it!...+

Good car wash. I like that there are people scrubbing the car beforehand....+

Quality car wash that makes u feel fancy while you're getting it!...+

Wifi, awesome, and affordable! Definitely come back!...+

I had a recent incident in the auto wash but Genesis went above and beyond to make sure the issue was taken care of. I am VERY appreciative of the owners for taking care of this matter so quickly. I…...+

Ho, Ho, Ho...Go, Go, Go! Check this car wash out during the holiday season!...+

Absolutely love this place! I use to hate washing my car but now that I've found this place, it's worth the drive! Easy to use and never that random dirty spot left on my car like most places leave!...+

Love this car wash! Helpful employees and powerful vacuums!!...+

Best wash I've been through. Almost as good as washing yourself. Friendly workers. Bought a monthly membership. Vacuums are the bomb as well....+

Amazing! Has a mat cleaner, detail tool and the clean on my car was just fantastic! Felt like I got a $180 detail for $20!...+

My first stop when I come into town from Paron! Love it!...+

Great car wash! I will definitely be back and by a monthly package....+

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