Our Team

With few exceptions, businesses are only as good as the people who run and staff them. The “Team” is easily the most important asset a company has. Genesis Auto Wash is no exception! We are incredibly fortunate to have an experienced and dedicated group of professionals operating our business on a day-to-day basis. If you would like to apply, please Click Here to fill out our online application.

  • John Aaron Rees
    John Aaron has been infatuated with the car wash industry since he was a little kid. He grew up washing his family members vehicles and detailing the interior to make some quick money. He understands the hard work and time it takes to do an exterior hand wash and an interior detail. Graduating high school at Pulaski Academy and college from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Finance and Real Estate. During his college tenure he played wide receiver for the Razorback football team from 2004-2009. After college and sports were finished, Rees decided to come back home to work in the family business pursuing  commercial real estate development for Rees Commercial. About 8 years had past before he started the Chenal Curve development where there was a good possibility of a car wash out parcel  next to our planned strip center. After spending the good part of 2-3 years doing research in the industry, going to trade shows in Las Vegas and Chicago, and speaking to many owner operators, he knew he was ready to pull the trigger and decided to create his own car wash concept. Many sleepless hours later... Genesis Auto Wash was born! Genesis washed its first car on January 12, 2016 and his plan was to build the nicest building, buy the best equipment the industry had to offer, use the best chemicals and be the friendliest car wash in all of Arkansas. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and if you aren't happy with your wash he will personally give you another for free! 
  • Mike Tillmon (aka Big Mike)

    Mike Tillmon has been with Genesis Auto Wash since April of 2016. Prior to working for Genesis, Mike worked at Best Car Wash for 10 years and Splash Car Wash for 4 years. Mike started out at the bottom as a car detailer and slowly worked his way up to detail manager and then assistant manager and then manager. His hard work, knowledge of the car wash industry and friendly demeanor allowed him to rise to Managerial status and he hasn't looked back. He has a total of 16 years in the car wash industry and there is almost nothing he hasn't seen or heard of by now allowing him to tackle any problem he is faced with.  He is known by many of our customers as being very friendly with a huge smile and will always take care of you if there are ever any issues. 

    Favorite Hobby: Loves to spend time with his family

    Favorite Car: Cadillac Escalade

    Favorite Sports Team: Razorbacks 

  • Eric Jordan
    Assistant Manager
    Eric has been with Genesis Auto Wash for nearly 2 years now and he is one has worked his way up to become Assistant Manager. He has been working in the car wash industry for many years and specializes in detailing vehicle.  He comes to work every day with a great attitude, big smile and works hard! He loves his customers and does whatever he can to make them happy. He is a vital part of Genesis and we are lucky to have him! Favorite Hobby: Loves to play basketball Favorite Car: Chevrolet Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys
  • Mike Savage
    Assistant Manager
    Mike Savage has been in the car wash industry for many years and he has been with Genesis for almost two full years now. He has detailed vehicles for most of his time in the industry and does a great job. If you wash your car later in the evening you will more than likely see him. He is a hard worker and knows how to manage a wash and take care of his customers. Before his evening shift at Genesis, he works as an electrician by day and has been in that industry for almost 4 years. If you see him be sure to say hello! Favorite Hobby: Spend time with family and friends Favorite Car: Chevy Truck Favorite Sports Team: Razorbacks 
  • Alvin Walls
    Assistant Manager
    Alvin has been a great addition to the Genesis family! He has been with us since July of 2017 and hasn't looked back. He grew up working and fixing cars up with his dad and grandad and has always loved tinkering. He spent a year working at Mr. Tidy, which was a popular car wash back in the day. He is reliable and comes to work everyday with a great attitude. He enjoys making running the car wash and takes pride in making sure the customers get the best wash possible and leave with a smiling face feeling like they received a great value! Favorite Hobby: Build cars and hanging out with his kids Favorite Car: 1977 El Camino Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys 
  • Big Eric
    Big Eric has worked for us since November of 2017 and has been a great addition to the Genesis team. He only works part-time but when he comes he is very friendly and works hard to make sure your vehicle is leaking squeaky clean! 
  • Paul Bouchard
    Public Relations Coordinator
    Paul has been with Genesis Auto Wash since its inception back in January of 2016. He has been a tremendous asset to the company and a lot of the behind the scenes work. He pays attention to detail and doesn't allow anything to go unnoticed. He works on our fleet discount services, monthly unlimited wash clubs, fundraising efforts, advertising, cross-promotional campaigns with local business, responds to any inquiries or issues that may arise, etc. Paul has a very hands on approach and he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. He works hard to ensure all our customers are taken care of and represents the gold standard when it comes to quality control and making sure things are done right the first time!