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This is the greatest car wash in central Arkansas, which is what compelled me to write this review. I've noticed some negative reviews, however I believe the majority of those are likely misguided. It would behoove an individual to take an honest look at the condition of their vehicle prior to entering ANY car wash. A car wash is just that; a car wash. It is not a miracle worker that can correct years of poor maintenance of the vehicle's exterior in 5 minutes for $20. It won't turn a Cutlass into a Bentley. It cannot wash your feet, walk on water, or cure someone stricken with leprosy or blindness. I can only speak from personal experience when I say that I stop at Genesis EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to Little Rock. Why? Here's why: I get a great wash, because frankly I'm too lazy to do it myself, the staff has been nothing but friendly on each visit, and based on the reviews I've read the management appears to respond to almost every comment with gratitude for a pleasant experience, as well as an offer to rectify any negative experiences. You don't find that level of engagement at ANY other car wash in Little Rock. I base my purchasing decisions on my personal experience and I would encourage others to do so as well.
Mason D. (Yelp)
Creation started in Genesis and on the 8th day God created this Revelation. My truck has been baptized by holy water! Seriously, I have been to many drive through washes and most are ok for the money. However this wash is noticeably better. There are parts of my hood and tailgate that are always dirty after other washes and this wash gets these areas clean. I've also noticed my truck stays cleaner longer after a rain and my glass and paint repel the water. I just cancelled my monthly tithe at another car wash and joined Genesis. Thank you for making my rig feel born again!
Benny H. (Yelp)
Great car wash in West LR! The auto wash does an excellent job in cleaning my truck. Definitely like having someone go over the front and back with a hand brush before I enter the wash as sometimes the automated wash doesn't quite cover those areas as well due to the size of my truck. And the free vacuums are always a plus! They offer monthly memberships at different prices levels for those families/businesses with multiple vehicles!
Kent Skiles (Facebook)
I take my Nissan Rogue here often. Nearly 2-3 times a week because I use it for business. I have yet to be disappointed. You can't beat free vacuum, air freshener machine and car mat cleaner. The machine always does a great job on my car. I like the wheel shine option too. I get many compliments on how spiffy my car looks after going here. Because of it, I have a 4.98 rating out of 5 as an Uber driver. Looking forward to using the detail service too.
Sidney P. (Yelp)
This is the best car wash in LR! It’s the only place I’ve been that has an attendant wash the back and front of your car before in order to ensure those hard to reach spots get clean. Will definitely drive from the east part of town to get my car washed from now on!
Ryland Walt (Facebook)
Went through Genesis tonight with my wife's 4Runner. As anyone who has a 4Runner knows there are some crevises that most drive thru car washes don't get. Genesis did the best I've seen yet for a drive-thru - not perfect but it would be hard to manufacture a car wash that did perfect on EVERY vehicle type and shape. Very impressed nonetheless. Will be back!
Michael Manion (Facebook)
I’ve used this car wash a few different occasions, and I can honestly say it’s the best drive through service in town. Every time I’ve gone, the attendants have been professional and worked hard to correct any complaint I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely visit again.
Kat Wms (Facebook)
Easiest car wash and best car wash in Little Rock! Love them and am so happy they are close to my house. I'm all about convenience and a business who strive to make each customer happy. Thank y'all!
Danica M. (Yelp)
The system is super easy to use. The wash and vacuums are the best in town and I've used them all. I have a membership and I wouldn't take my cars anyplace else.
Dave S. (Yelp)
Attendant on hand did a pre-wash on the grill and lights to remove bugs, which was a pleasant surprise. The vacuums had strong suction and the concentrated air hose did a good job blowing debris out of the hard to reach areas. I canceled my membership at the "other place" and told my family members about Genesis.
Christopher Hall (Google)
The wash does a good job and they have 3 options for monthly car wash packages. The vaccums have good suction and they have a floor mat cleaner (have to be carpet mats). They even have compressed air for the vents and hard to reach crevices. The car wash itself is kept very clean. I live close by and bought a monthly package and plan on using it often.
Kevin Andrews (Google)
First time there. Did a fantastic job! We have 3 cars, we will be back. The car wash is a sudsy light show too!
Tina Becker (Google)
Very efficient, conveniently located, and well-maintained. Just got a Silver service wash before turning my car in (end of lease) for something new. I will be back soon.
Butch Ekstrom (Facebook)
I’m usually skeptical of car washes, but Genesis did a great job. My car was filthy and came out sparkling after the gold wash. I’ll definitely be giving them another shot.
Peter Griffin (Facebook)
Love the extra features such as the mat cleaner and the compressed air for the nooks and crannies! Of course my little's love the colors in the middle of the wash, but what's not to love about a clean car!
Chrissy DeClue (Facebook)
We had an awesome experience at this car wash! It did a great job cleaning the car and as an added bonus, the kids loved the suckers! Thank you!!!
Meagan Lieber (Facebook)
I use this car wash all the time, and I am very satisfied. I have tried different washes around town, but this car wash is where I chose to purchase a membership. That says it all.
Cassandra H. (Yelp)
I've used this place a couple times and I have had great experiences. The employees are respectful. On my last visit one employee was so kind to show myself and another lady how to properly use the mat vac. And on other occasions I've noticed him making sure customers are ok once they've gone through the line. I'll continue to use Genesis
ALyece R. (Yelp)
Took my new Crosstreck through another WLR car wash by my office after last week's snow/sand/salt and was not satisfied. Took my Crosstrek through Genesis today and they did a GREAT job. My SUV is shining!
Meg B. (Yelp)
Really loved the gold wash. I can't usually tell the difference between the washes, but here the hold wash DEFINITELY made a difference. My car hasn't looked this clean and shiny in... let's just say a while. The unlimited vacuums are a great bonus as well.
Olivia P. (Google)
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