Despite our best efforts to anticipate questions and preempt potential confusion on this site, we realize that those efforts may occasionally fall short. We hope these questions and answers help “fill in the blanks.” If you have a question not adequately addressed here or on the site, Please do not hesitate to contact us in the form below.

What is the Weather Policy ?

We know how frustrating it can be to drive up only to find the wash is closed!

The weather (actual and forecast) plays a critical role in whether we are open or closed during our posted business hours. Unfortunately there are times when the rain moves through faster than forecasted yet we may not be able to get our staff back to work as quickly as we would like.

For the sake of simplicity, we will be closed if…

  • It’s raining or streets are wet
  • The large overhead garage door at the wash entrance is down
  • Rain is forecasted right after open time (we will open after the rain passes)
  • Intermittent rain is forecasted throughout the day
  • Inclement weather causes us to close after 4 pm we will not re-open that day
  • Heavy fog is thick with moisture (we will open after the fog has dissipated)
  • A big storm is approaching, we will close the wash prior to its arrival to let our team members arrive home safely
  • It’s snowing
  • The temperature is below 25°
  • The streets are icy

Since our opening in 2016, we have averaged being open 355 days/year! We take pride in staying open (weathering the storm) and washing cars as much as possible and our statistics show it. So, if you do find us closed we apologize for the inconvenience and we hope you will return another time!

What is your 48-hour rain check policy?

Genesis offers a 48-hour rain check guarantee only on the top Gold Wash package. If you purchase a Gold Wash please be sure to press the “print receipt” button on the screen if your receipt doesn’t come out automatically. If it won’t come out just drive up to the car wash entrance and let the attendant know that you would like your receipt and we will print one for you. 

The receipt is very important to you being able to get your rain check wash. At the bottom you will see a 5-digit wash code valid only for the next 48-hours. If it happens to rain in Little Rock within 48-hours come to the gate entrance and on the pay station screen press the “5-6 Digit Code” option. Then enter your 5-digit free Gold Wash code, the wash will be processed and the gate will raise allowing you to get your rain check wash. 

  • The 48-hour rain check is only redeemable if Little Rock had rain within the previous two day period.
  • If a customer happens to use a 48-hour rain check wash code outside of its intended purposes then Genesis reserves the right to refuse such service or will allow the customer to pay for the wash at that time. 
  • If you couldn’t make it to the wash quick enough to use your rain check and still would like a free Gold Wash on us, click here!

How to cancel my Unlimited Monthly Club Membership?

You may discontinue your membership at the wash in person at least 3 days prior to your next billing date or by filling out the form at the bottom of the Unlimited Monthly Club Membership page by clicking here. You will be required to show your Drivers License and the last 4-digits of the credit card on file to verify identity before we are able to suspend your account. We take these precautions to protect our customers from any potential fraud our foul play. Please let us know why you are suspending your account because we value all feedback seriously and will take the necessary steps to correct any issues immediately. Thank you again for your business and we hope to see you again soon!

Does your car wash scratch vehicles?

The short answer is no!

The longer answer is that not all car washes are created equal. Just because you got your car scratched at one wash doesn’t mean ours will do the same. There is still a small population that has had a bad experience at a car wash by getting a scratch and will never try out another wash because of that bad experience. What they aren’t considering is what type of equipment did that wash have, what type of brushes, what type of detergents, how old was that wash, was it well maintained, etc? The car wash industry has advanced in technology ten fold in the last decade and the new car washes today are light years better than the “older” ones you may be used to. Our car wash is the newest in Little Rock and when we were researching all the different equipment and manufacturers we made sure to get the best of the best when it came to equipment, brushes and detergents. Price was no concern due to the fact we knew we had to bring the premier product to an affluent area such as Chenal.

We have light weight self-cleaning Envirosoft Foam Brushes throughout our entire tunnel with soapy detergents constantly spraying the brushes allowing lubrication and cleaning. Also, the foam brushes rotate at such a speed that anything that would happen to get on the brush will fall off before it makes it all the way back around to the vehicle again. No dirt, sand or grit will ever adhere to these brushes, it’s simply not possible! Do not ever go to a wash that has cloth or microfiber brushes or curtains in the wash because those are known to hold dirt or sand particles that could actually scratch the surfaces of the vehicle. We do not have any of these materials within our wash. In fact, in over 2 years and hundreds of thousands of washed vehicles we have never been the cause of a scratch. 

Most people don’t realize they had the scratch before they came in because they received it in some parking lot somewhere prior to or their vehicle was so dirty before their wash they didn’t notice the scratch beforehand. There is no better time to notice marks, scuffs, scratches or dents than right after receiving a car wash. We have a great track record with no scratches and you can count on us and our industry leading equipment to take care of you next time you visit us!

Do you offer interior cleaning services?

Yes! We have a few interior and exterior options to choose from regarding our extra detailing services. Feel free to ask our manager next time you are on site getting a wash and he will inform you on our different services or you can click here to go to our Express Detail Services page to learn more about our offerings and pricing. To guarantee your detail you will need to make an appointment prior to coming to the site by calling us or by sending us a message off this website. There may be times we have sufficient staff and the wash isn’t too busy and we will try to work you in as a “walk-in customer” if at all possible, so please let us know when you are arrive on site if you are wanting a detail.

Where do you get such great employees?

This is the number one comment we hear. We get hundreds of letters, emails and phone calls each year from customers who rave about the great people and service they experience at Genesis. We feel that this begins in our hiring and is enhanced by great training and incentives. We are notoriously picky when it comes to hiring. In fact, for every 10 people we consider for our team, we hire just one. Our team members participate in hours of  “on-site” and classroom training that helps them develop the skills, knowledge and attitude that inspire great service to our customers. Lastly, all of our team members have the opportunity to earn recognition and extra pay in our various incentive programs. 

Vehicle restrictions and disclaimers?

Vehicle Restrictions
-Vehicle must be less than 7’0″ in height (clearance bar located at pay stations)
-No dually trucks
-No tires wider than 15″
-Vehicle clearance minimum of 8″ in height
-Remove all trailer hitches
-Truck beds must be clean and empty

Although our wash is safe we are not responsible if there is any damage to the following…
-Bike racks
-Light bars
-Roof racks taller than 5″ and wider than the vehicle
-Power antennas
-Bug shields
-Luggage racks
-Loose chrome
-Roof and door moldings
-Headlights or brakelights
-Front or rear wipers
-Side mirrors
-Glued on spoilers
-Front and back license plates
-Any non-factory installed items

What do I do before entering the tunnel?

After making payment for your wash package the gate will raise allowing you to drive to the tunnel entrance. There you will see the attendant who is there to help guide you onto the conveyor. As soon as your two driver side tires are positioned on the conveyor you will then receive the following commands on the entrance screen prior to entering the tunnel. This is of paramount importance and if you don’t follow just one of these commands then there is a very good chance there will be a wreck inside the tunnel and Genesis Auto Wash will not be responsible for any damage caused by negligence. 

What eco-friendly practices do you use?

Compared to the average amount of rest water a person might use when washing his or her vehicle in the drive way with a hose, we only use about 1/3 of that amount of water (150 gallons in the driveway vs 50 gallons at Genesis). Our facility has state-of-the-art water reclamation systems which allow us to filter, clean and re-use some of the water used in our wash process. Used water runs directly to a unique collection system that filters the water and removes harmful sediments and oil before it reach local sewers. Providing a clean, dry and shiny car for all of our customers while also trying to do our part to conserve natural resources, such as water, is extremely important to us.

How do you get the vehicles so dry?

There are many reasons we get vehicles so dry at Genesis. One reason is because of the chemistry of detergents applied on the vehicles. The cleaner the vehicles gets towards the end of the tunnel the more likely it is to get drier. Through all the clear coats, waxes and rain shield agents helps make the water fall of like sheets. Then we have eight 15 horsepower dryers that are perfectly adjusted and positioned to act as a air blade to scrap the water of the vehicle. Its near impossible to get the vehicles completely dry as water likes to collect in different crevices. We offer one more step up in the drying process that only comes with our Gold Wash Package and its called the Dry ‘N Shine Polisher which is found after the Power Dry. The Dry ‘N Shine Polisher buffs and polishes the rest of the vehicle and rids it of the excess water leftover after the Power Dry. 

How do I buy Gift Cards?

Come to our office and speak to our manager and he will create a gift card with whatever amount you choose to be loaded on the vehicle. 

How often do you clean and maintain your tunnel?

We pressure wash the tunnel at least once a week for maintenance and work on equipment daily to make sure its working as required. Every 3 months we hire a professional crew to come to our site and pressure wash the entire thing inside and out. There is no other car wash that makes sure their wash is as clean as Genesis. 100% guaranteed!

Still have questions? Message us below!